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Kong Sing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise of steel structure design, processing and installation. The company has built more than 20.000 square meters of modern factory buildings and office buildings, and has a large number of professional and technical personnel engaged in steel structure design, production, processing and installation. Kong Sing has excellent technical management team and rich construction experience, and has participated in many large scale construction projects, including the New Portuguese Hotel, Studio City Macau, Jinsha Entertainment City, MGM Hotel, Shiliupu Hotel, new 800 partner supermarket in Macao , triumphal arch Entertainment City, fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center, fisherman's Wharf volcano, Venetian children's passage, Gran Beatty racing stand, South Bay No. 12 residential area, haicube entertainment ground, Jinsha city kanglai Hotel, Holiday Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Affiliated Middle School of Macau University, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park Polar Exploration, Hong Kong MTR.

The project under construction includes Honghe station project in the middle line of Shahejie road in Hong Kong, Yongli palace resort project in Macao, Studio City project in Macao and Venetian phase III project in Macao.

Since the establishment, Kong Sing has continuously strengthened the internal personnel training and management, paid close attention to the project quality, strengthened the service consciousness, and established a good reputation among the customers. With the technology and standardization of the industry, the company obtained the certification of quality management system IS09001 in 2007. With excellent quality, high efficiency and excellent services, we will continuously strive to build a better project quality.


Kong Sing, after more than ten years of hard work and entrepreneurship, has grown from weak to strong. With the spirit of perseverance, inheriting the genes of inclusiveness and bold innovation of our predecessors, and taking advantage of the national belt and road strategy, we have expanded our business to South America, Europe and even the world to show the world the excellent products and buildings made in China. We forge ahead in the changes, keep seeking in the arduous journey, and finally create a resounding name – Kong Sing group.

Kong Sing group has:

江盛建設工程有限公司Kong Sing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd (澳門)
江盛建設投資有限公司 Kong Sing Construction Investment Co.,Ltd (澳門)
聯邦鋼鐵工程有限公司 Federal Steel Works Engineering Limited (香港)
廣東江盛重工有限公司 Kong Sing (Guangdong) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (江門)
廣東江盛建築有限公司 Kong Sing (Guangdong) Building Company Limited(江門)
江興装飾工程有限公司 Kong Hing Decoration And Engineering Company Limited (澳門)
潤盛建設工程有限公司 Run Sing Construction Engineering Company Limited (澳門)
奧勝機電裝飾照明有限公司 O Sing E&M Decoration Lighting Engineering LTD(澳門)
江門市江海區江盛重工有限公司 Kong Sing (Jiangmen) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd(江門)
江盛國際有限公司(新西蘭) Casaterra International Ltd(New Zealand)(新西蘭)
江盛建設(厄瓜多爾)有限公司Kong Sing Construction Engineering (Ecuador) Kongsingcon C.LTDA(厄瓜多爾)


Kong Sing has always been determined to innovate and never stop. Jong Sing group is a large-scale transnational comprehensive enterprise group, focusing on special steel structure, prefabricated buildings, modern buildings and decoration, mechanical and electrical R & D and manufacturing, municipal infrastructure investment and construction and other industries. The group headquarters in Macao Special Administrative Region is the central hub leading the group’s global development and layout. The Hong Kong federal Steel Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the bridgehead of the group to the world. The production factory in Jiangmen, China is the guarantee base for the group's production and manufacturing. South America (Ecuador) and New Zealand companies have integrated the wisdom and creativity of the whole group. The group has 860000 square meters of modern factory buildings and office buildings, and has owned advanced production equipment such as six axis CNC pipe intersecting cutting machine, CNC shot blasting machine, CNC drilling machine and 50 meter radius tower crane. With an annual production capacity of 80000 tons of metal and steel structures and 5000 sets of prefabricated buildings, our fully automatic production equipment and efficient technical team can meet the market need of design, construction, consultation, supervision, management and construction of various large-scale hotels, bridges, drinking water plants, community apartments and other projects.

Kong Sing group trudges in perseverance and pursues tirelessly. We build a dream with responsibility, and achieve brilliance with strength. Our engineering projects, from design, production and processing to the completion of the project, are carefully led by the professional technical team. With excellent technical management team and rich construction management experience, Kong Sing group has won the affirmation of the industry and the trust of customers. Every project embodies the sweat and creativity of Kong Sing people. Every hard and cold steel components or modular assembly parts cast by Kong Sing people is not only safe and stable, but also full of flexibility and creativity. Each part is the perfect combination of modern engineering and art. In particular, the landmark building of Macao, the "star of shadow pool" of shadow pool, perfectly integrates the reinforced concrete structure with a standard error of CM and the steel structure with a standard error of MM into a whole at the height of 130 meters, and becomes the world's highest 8-shaped Ferris Wheel. It is like two planets impacting the outer wall of the building, leaving a perfect 8 shape, which can be regarded as a model work of the integration of engineering and art design.

Kong Sing Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., under the group, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales, service and promotion of the energy-saving and environmental protection decoration materials. We integrate economy, practicality and function into the creation of art and culture, and create several comfortable, environmental protection and personalized boutique decoration projects. According to different functional styles, different design concepts are selected to show that Kong Sing people are smart and fashionable, people-oriented, and could bring you infinite living pleasures in life. We participated in Macau’s Grand Hyatt Hotel project, especially for the construction of its first floor lobby, business center conference hall, coffee shop, banquet hall, restaurant, fitness center, VIP massage hall, spa and massage pool water quality automatic treatment and circulation system.

Construction projects in progress includes the West Kowloon pedestrian overpass of the Hong Kong Housing Department; the M + Museum of the West Kowloon Cultural Area of Hong Kong; and the redevelopment of the skyline of the Lee Tung MTR station in the South District of Hong Kong.

Under the international situation full of strategic  opportunities, Kong Sing group follows the pace of China ‘Belt and Road’,  promotes new measures of opening up, and expands regional economic cooperation  to a wider range, a wider field and a higher level. In 2016, Kong Sing group  became the only enterprise in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province with the  qualification of foreign contracted project management, which also marked the  implementation of the ‘going global’ strategy and the enhancement of  international production capacity cooperation achieving a new breakthrough. In  June of the same year, Kong Sing group was invited to attend the 7th International  Infrastructure Investment and Construction Summit Forum. In Macao, Kong Sing  Group signed a number of project investment and construction agreements with  representatives of the government of the Republic of Ecuador in South America,  with a total investment of 6 billion RMB.

Among them, with the 5564 modular housing construction project  in Montesinai, Guayaquil City, as a model for Ecuadorian housing ministry to  improve the living environment of local people, we participated in the Third  United Nations Conference on housing and urban sustainable development, which  was highly appreciated by UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, President Rafael Correa of  Ecuador and ministers of Housing Department of Latin American. The third  generation modular "Anjufang" developed by Kong Sing group selects  high-quality light steel as the structural raw material, which has the  characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, earthquake  resistance, wind resistance, economy, reasonable layout, high utilization rate  and fast construction speed. It is very suitable for the residential  requirements of the residents. Moreover, Kong Sing group builds an open  industrial chain of green building materials industry and leads the upgrading  development of modular construction industry. All of these will gradually  change the traditional construction mode of the local people and make great  contribution to improve the living environment.

The BOT project of Samborond ó n drinking water treatment plant  in Guayas province is a water supply plant construction project with a daily  water supply of 35000 cubic meters and water quality meeting the World Health  Standard for edible tap water. The operation period of the water plant is 30  years. It’s aims are to provide safe, hygienic and high-quality drinking water  for the region; to ensure the health of residents and improve the quality of  drinking water and quality of life of residents; to greatly reduce the  incidence of disease and effectively alleviate the current situation of regional  water shortage.

In October 2016, Kong Sing group was invited by the United  Nations to participate in the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and  Urban Sustainable Development held in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which  perfectly conforms to the purpose of UN Habitat to ‘provide better living  conditions for the people’, and jointly build a sustainable, inclusive, safe  and efficient city.

At the meeting, Kong Sing group had the honor to show the heads  of state, high-level government delegations from more than 140 countries and  representatives from all walks of life about the Montesinai modular housing  construction project, and promised to plan the corresponding hospitals,  schools, bridges, add more squares, parks and other recreational facilities, so  as to maximize the impact and significance of the project extension, letting  the people of South America not only feel the professionalism and efficiency of  Kong Sing people, but also feel the warmness from China.

Along the way, Kong Sing has made great efforts to make our own contribution to the development of the global construction industry and the common progress of mankind. For more than ten years, Kong Sing people have been embracing the world with a broad mind. In the tide of the great age, we should grasp the pulse of the times, be determined to innovate and never forget our original intention, and hope to create more brilliance together with more partners.

Kong Sing group has 12 sub-companies, Kong Sing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Kong Sing Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Federal Steel Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kong Sing Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Kong Sing Construction Co., Ltd., Kong Sing Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Kong Sing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Jengsheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., O Sing E&M Decoration Lighting Co., Ltd., Kong Sing Construction (Ecuador) Co., Ltd DOR) Co., Ltd. and Kong Sing International Co., Ltd. (New Zealand). The group has subsidiaries in South America, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao, Jiangmen and other regions. In recent years, the group has acquired Hong Kong Federal Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Kong Sing group has continuously been committed to steel structure engineering, building decoration and modular construction industries.

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